Monday, August 12, 2013


Last Days of Summer Contest 

The big yellow school bus, apples almost ready to pick, and catalogs with “fall preview” on their covers. All sure signs that summer is almost over. How does that make you feel? Happy that the super hot days of the season will soon be over or sad that the days will soon shorten and grow cooler? I want to know.

So, here’s the deal. Tell me something about summer’s end. Keep is short and sweet; it’s not a writing contest. Beginning with the first person to leave a word or two I’ll number each one as they come in. Then I’ll pick one from a basket – blindfolded – and declare a winner. How simple is that? I’ll have it to you before Labor Day.

Starts today. Ends Friday.

Oh – the prize. A gingham lined collapsible picnic basket with a bottle holder, a signed copy of The Red Shoelace Killer and Not Your Mother’s Book – On Being a Stupid Kid ( my story is one of them), a beaded bookmark, a jar of my own blueberry jam and a copy of  my poem The Last Picnic of Summer. Take a look. Thanks for entering!


  1. For me the end of summer brings mixed feelings. My beautiful summer flowers are losing a bit of their color. My petunias are beginning to turn brown and crinkley on the bottoms. The days are getting shorter and it is the beginning of routine once again. is also the beginning of the signs of fall. The mums are beginning to make their little "ball buds" on the ends of the stems. I love apple picking and all the fall activities. And, dare I say, the holidays are not far behind! -Pam K.

    1. What a nice picture you paint, Pam! Tossing you in the hat. Thanks for posting!

  2. Jennifer Brown BanksAugust 12, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    Wow! Great idea, Sue. I hope I win. :-)

    1. Hi, Jen. Your name is in the hopper. Good luck!

    2. Oops, I forgot the season reference. Here it goes:

      For me, the end of summer is not a bummer.
      'cause I like fall, most of all! :-)

  3. I've been struggling to run through the heat and humidity, so the end of summer means that running will feel good again! And since my running partners are covered with fur, I have extra reason to welcome the cooler fall weather.

    1. Hi Jackie! Ugh - running when it's humid is horrible. Fall has a lot going for it in that respect. I'll put your name in the hat! So glad you stopped by.

  4. I'm very sad about summer's end. It's hard on me every.single.year to put my babies back on the bus, another year older, another year closer to leaving.

    We've had such a wonderfully fun summer, and I'm happy.

    1. I'm happy that you're happy for the fun summer. Our next to last baby will be getting on the bus for kindergarten this year. Sniff. One more to go and then grandma will be alone a lot more. Your name goes in the mix, Rhonda!

  5. As a child summer seemed to be long and stretched out. I looked forward to going back to school: new lined paper tablets, new pencils, new shoes. Fast forward to now, I look forward to the great bargains on school supplies, especially those yellow folders. Each of my writing projects has its own folder.

    Then of course there's the coolness of fall: warm days, cool nights. Changing of the trees. Only God could arrange the awesome colors of red, orange, yellow to blend together.

    1. Yup, the kids are getting outfitted for school and the stores know it! I love the idea of a yellow tablet for each project. There's something about the physicality of a pen on paper that feels so right. I love the autumn trees and hate the autumn heating bills! Thanks for your entry, Marion.

    2. Marion...there is something about yellow tablets. When I write poetry I have to hand-write it first. I don't why that is, but that works best for me with poetry. Pam K.

  6. Hi Sue,
    I always have mixed feelings about the end of summer. I enjoy my planters brimming with color on our deck and a morning cuppa of joe, fresh tomatoes, apples, pears and peaches growing on our fruit trees. I love the fall very much though but our winters are long and hard, no doubt about it. Each year it seems they last longer. Could be an age thing!
    While I'm fortunate to have an autographed copy of your book and also got one for my daughter I'd still love to be included in the contest. Anyone could use each one of these items as a gift or to keep. Please sign me up!

  7. Consider yourself entered, Christine! I totally agree about winter!

  8. The basket is so pretty and my reply is so gloomy, so I apologize beforehand! I usually dread the end of summer. What it means for me is that school starts up again for my kids, ages 6 and 4. I love our carefree summer days, filled with playdates and trips to the ice cream parlor for homemade ice cream. I'm conscious of the fact that children are only little for so long, so I want to be with them as much as I can every single day. And I'm still cool to them--that will change, I know--so they love being with me as much as I love being with them. Lol.

    Also, this impending school year will be the first time my 6 year-old goes to school full-day. She has severe food allergies. It brings panicked tears to my eyes simply thinking about my child sitting in a school cafeteria, surrounded by kids whose parents packed them some type of nut-containing item for lunch. As much as she knows not to accept any food from anyone other than a relative, a kid is a kid, and it only takes a bite to send her to the emergency room. So I have to trust that my child will resist temptation when a schoolmate offers her a cookie, and trust that the school will handle all food allergies competently. And I always volunteer to be the class mom at both of my kids' schools, to give myself as much peace of mind as possible.

    So that's where I am about the end of summer! Hope I didn't bum you out too much. Your offer is thoughtful and fun. Thanks for the contest, Susan! :-)

    1. Hi Janette! Thanks for your earnest words. You echo the sentiments of many mothers and the ones who have kids with horrible allergies have my sympathy. Our grandson goes for allergy shots every week. His aren't food related but he reacts severely to dust, mold, and all the other kinds of things that can get his sinuses clogged. Let's hope for a beautiful fall and good luck with the contest!

  9. The last days of summer. August seems to hardly begin when we get glimpses of it ending. For me the heat of these summers of late have been too much. Yet, what I will surely miss as it ends is the LIGHT of summer. I love the early morning light and how it seems to last and last into the evening. However, autumn has always been my favorite season, spring a close second. And during the muggy humid days of summer, I even find myself longing for winter. People think I’m crazy and perhaps I am. Each season though does give us something unique. That's what we need to go with, though I admit I have days where I fail to see that. Especially when the darkness seems to engulf us.

    Your kindness in giving this contest is so sweet. Thank you, Sue. I hope the winner happens to be someone who has the hardest time having summer come to an end. Your prize will surely help them.

    1. Cindy, I also long for winter when it's 90 out and 85% humidity. That doesn't seem crazy to me at all. LOL I'll miss the light, too, especially when it's only 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the sun is going down. I'm putting your name in the hat! Hugs, my friend.

  10. Hi Sue,

    Summers closing always brings mixed emotions for me. Summer being my favorite season, it's sad for the warm weather to slowly creep out. However I am usually exhausted by the summers end from cramming so many activities in with my step sons. Our favorite thing to do is light a fire outside, have a glass on wine and reflect on the summers fond memories, and get excited about fall. Before I met Jay, my appreciation for fall wasn't as great as it is now. And as we are able to, we try to plan a trip to our usual pre-fall place...Letchworth State Park. There we see first the changing of the seasons.

    1. Hi Dawn, So glad you stopped by! I know what you mean by summer's end - everything looks a bit dusty and tired. Guess that's why God gave us 4 seasons. As soon as one get old - we have something new to look forward to. Your name's in! Hugs

  11. I look forward to summer's end. I am just not a hot weather kind of girl, don't care for heat and humidity. Love the relief of cooler fall temperatures! Some of this may be due to growing up in a shore town where the influx of seasonal visitors was always a hassle to me as a local. As an adult, of course, I now see the value to the local economy. So bring on fall - but not too cold too fast lest our heating bills get out of hand. LOL :)

    Thanks for doing this, and happy almost fall to you!

    1. Hi Karen, I'm so glad to have you here! I agree that fall should be slow in coming. Heating bills are the pits! I'll put your name in the hat. Good luck!

  12. I love the beginning of summer when the fireflies come out and light up the backyards. When you smell campfires, and cut grass and taste ripe, red strawberries. I love the lazy feel of summer days and evening concerts under the stars. But then the heat comes and I don't like summer I can't wait for fall. I absolutely LOVE fall...the cool crisp days for riding a bike, the taste of apples crisp off the tree, the changing colors of each day. Each season has it's special anticipation when it begins...but Fall could be never ending for me. Christa Slater

    1. Christa, Most people who have the cooler weather to look forward to feel as you do. My favorite season, too! Thanks for entering. See you Sunday!

  13. Hi Aunt Sue,
    Here's a poem I wrote about the end of summer.

    The End of Summer
    What is the end of summer?
    The start of a new world for me.
    What is the end of summer?
    The wind blowing our green fig tree.

    When friends go back to school again
    Cold weather comes at night
    And soon my lessons will begin
    Seeing my school friends, to my delight

    Clouds start to cover a midnight star
    We have one last trip to the beach
    Make sure past summer memories don't drift out far
    And fresh juicy apples are almost in reach

    Though summer has a place in my heart
    It's time for the new season to start

    1. Excellent, Rebekah! I'm so glad to have you visit my blog. I'll put your name in and wish you luck. Love you to bits. Aunt Sue

  14. It's North Central Minnesota and Summer got another late start. There was snow into May and piles of the white stuff remained until nearly the end of May. June was a "mixed bag" of cool and warmth with lots of moisture. Leading into July we began thinking how nice and warm it was, but that was short-lived! A cold blast arrived and threatened frosty temperatures lasting for weeks! The flowers were not doing well and still aren't. The forecast for the next week will climb into the 90s! Now that's a rarity for us and it becomes down right unbearable for those who cannot handle high humidity along with the heat, like me! I'd rather stay indoors with fans blaring on me than endure that outside! So as Summer is gearing down, it's winding up here in Northern Minnesota! Unusual? Of course not! This is Minnesota in Summer! I'll get a normal Summer when I return to our "Winter" home in Arizona the end of October! Enjoy the rest of your SUMMER! Molly Randall

    1. Molly! Glad you post posted. LOL I hope you survive the 90 weather and that it doesn't come our way! Ugh. I'll put your name in the hat. Stop by often. I love hearing from you. Hugs.

  15. Nancie Van AlstyneAugust 15, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    With spring comes the promise of the long hot summer stretched ahead of me and each year I mentally plan all the outdoor things I hope to do in the months to come. Though I love flowers, I've learned that my commitment to their care fades and my husband threatens to blacktop any garden I may have started! I never quite get around to staking a few tomato plants in a pot on the back porch. I'm going to walk every day...I'm going to ride my bike every day...THIS year we'll actually get season tickets to the gets in the way and the best intentions fall to the wayside. Maybe next year! As the weeks of August chip away, I'm looking forward to the crisp autumn days when I can bring out one of my beautiful sweaters, turn off the AC and throw open the windows before the snow flies. The colder weather will also allow me to sew without feeling guilty for staying inside -- and, of course, curling up under a blanket with hot chocolate and a good book is the meaning of life, isn't it? Nancie Van Alstyne

    1. Oh, Nancie. My commitment wanes by this time in the summer, too. The yard does look a bit better this year, but it's a lot to keep. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck.

  16. Thank you all for participating! If you haven't read it on my Facebook page, Janette Dolores was our winner. Unfortunately I am no longer able to access the dashboard for this particular blog, but have a new one at where you will find the same old me in with a brand new look. Hope to see you there! Please sign up to follow me on the new blog. A thousand thanks and God bless.

  17. so sad I missed out on this wonderful giveaway! But congrats to Janette!

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    Mantan presiden Real Madrid, Ramon Calderon merupakan sosok yang bertanggung jawab atas hal tersebut. Melalui akun Twitter miliknya, ia menuliskan bahwa CR7 telah resmi menjadi pemain terbaik dunia 2014.

    "Saya bangga untuk mengkonfirmasi bahwa Ballon d'Or akan menjadi milik Cristiano Ronaldo. Semua usaha yang kami lakukan untuk mendapatkannya di tahun 2008 benar-benar tak sia-sia," tulis Calderon.

    Terlepas dari fakta bahwa bisa saja tulisan Calderon tersebut merupakan kebetulan belaka, Ronaldo memang tampil apik di sepanjang tahun 2014. Selain memberi banyak gol untuk Madrid, ia juga sukses menjadi juara Liga Champions dan Copa del Rey musim lalu.

  36. Sabuk Juara Mayweather Jr Dilucuti WBO
    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, WBO mencabut gelar dan menarik sabuk juara kelas welter yang dimenangkan Floyd Mayweather Jr saat mengalahkan Manny Pacquiao beberapa bulan lalu. Mayweather dianggap gagal mengikuti ketentuan-ketentuan yang dibuat organisasi tinju tersebut.
    Mayweather merebut gelar juara dunia WBO kelas welter setelah menang angka mutlak atas Pacquiao pada 2 Mei lalu. Pertandingan tersebut tercatat dalam sejarah sebagai duel dengan rekor finansial terbesar, mulai dari total pendapatan petinju, pembayaran hak siar televisi, penjualan hak siar ke televisi asing, sponsorship hingga harga tiket.
    Soal alasan pencabutan gelar, WBO menyebut kalau petinju asal Amerika Serikat itu tidak mengikuti aturan yang mereka punya. WBO memiliki ketentuan kalau petinju yang memiliki beberapa gelar juara dunia dari kelas berbeda harus melepas gelar juara dunia lain yang dipunya, itu dilakukan demi memberi mendorong petinju lain memperebutkan titel tersebut.
    Sebagai catatan, Mayweather saat ini masih memegang sabuk juara WBA dan WBC junior kelas menengah. Pencabutan gelar oleh WBO tersebut membuat kelas welter dalam posisi lowong.
    "Komite Juara Dunia WBO tidak memiliki alternatif lain kecuali untuk berhenti mengakui Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. sebagai juara dunia WBO kelas welter dan mengosongkan titelnya karena gagal mengikuti regulasi WBO," demikian pernyataan resmi WBO.

  37. Wozniacki Tuding Petenis Putri Dapat Diskriminasi
    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Mantan petenis putri peringkat satu dunia Caroline Wozniacki menilai pihak penyelenggara Wimbledon diskriminatif karena tidak memberikan petenis putri tampil di lapangan-lapangan utama.
    Kritikan tersebut dilontarkan Wozniacki, unggulan lima di Wimbledon 2015, setelah tersingkir di babak empat akibat kalah straight set 4-6 dan 4-6 dari Garbine Muguruza.
    "Aku akan senang main di lapangan utama," kata Wozniacki. "Aku pikir memang itu tujuannya; Anda bekerja keras dan berlatih, lalu bermain di lapangan utama. Para petenis putri praktis belum memiliki peluang main di lapangan-lapangan utama di sini. Cuma ada satu partai putri di Court One dan Centre Court."
    "Pekan lalu juga cuma ada satu partai putri di Court Two. Ini sudah pasti berbeda, cuma itu yang dapat aku katakan. Aku pikir banyak dari kami para petenis putri yang juga merasa layak main di lapangan-lapangan utama di depan banyak penonton," ucapnya.

  38. Cavaliers Cari Pemain Baru
    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Kegagalan meraih trofi NBA 2014-2015 membuat Cleveland Cavaliers segera berbenah. Dari sejumlah posisi yang masuk dalam daftar, Cavaliers dikabarkan sangat berhasrat mendatangkan small forward baru.
    Cavaliers menjatuhkan pilihan pada small forward Brooklyn Nets, Joe Johnson. Pelatih David Blatt kabarnya menyukai gaya permainan mantan pilar Boston Celtics itu yang diyakini akan cocok dengan skema permainan timnya.
    Manajemen Cavaliers dikabarkan akan segera mengajukan penawaran ke pihak Nets dalam waktu dekat ini. Untuk memuluskan proses transfer, runner up NBA 2014-2015 itu akan menyertakan pemain tengah, Brendan Haywood, yang kontraknya akan segera diakhiri.
    Jika serius dengan niatnya, pasukan Quicken Loans Arena harus siap bersaing dengan beberapa klub lain, salah satunya Memphis Grizzlies. Grizzlies dirumorkan juga tertarik dan siap bersaing untuk memenangkan tanda tangan Johnson.

  39. De’ Castle Condominium